March 26, 2023

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Morocco is at war with Syria and Hezbollah’s medical weapon, Captagon

with More than 2 million Captagon tablets seizedThis Friday, November 4, was carried out by the national security operating in the port of Tangier-Med, Morocco, as part of the fight against the global trafficking of this psychotropic drug. Funds Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria.

In fact, many international studies and studies show that Syria and Lebanon are the main producers. Manufacturing sites are concentrated along the border between the two countries. All clues point to the direct involvement of Damascus and Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

The main target markets of these transportation networks Middle Eastern countries, first Saudi Arabia 190 million of the 460 million pills seized worldwide in 2021. Other countries affected include Malaysia, Jordan, Kuwait, Turkey and Libya.

The General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) has announced that the Tangier Judicial Police will continue investigations to identify all persons involved in the criminal network involved in the international trafficking of large-scale psychotropic drugs. Determines its regional and international changes.

The cargo, discovered by Moroccan authorities, was hidden in a cargo container on a ship flying the European country’s flag from Lebanon. to a country in West Africa. However, it was not specified whether the cargo was destined for the Moroccan market or another African country.

Through this process, Morocco killed two birds with one stone. It fights against the proliferation of this dangerous drug in search of new markets in Africa, and it affects the smuggling networks led by the Syrian regime and Hezbollah against Arab and African countries friendly to Morocco.

The Syrian regime uses captagon as a medical weapon against its enemies and as a means of political intimidation

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Recently Survey conducted Le Figarowhich traced Captagon’s smuggling to the Middle East, a Syrian businessman linked to the Assad regime said: “During all these years of insurgency, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have sent us jihadists hoping to topple Assad. Now we’re sending them Captagon. We have a good weapon against them. It’s a trade-off. . »

In Saudi Arabia, the growing phenomenon is now considered a real danger to the country’s youth. The Saudi authorities who intercepted it strongly objected 600 million Captagon tablets in the last six years.

According to the Jordanian secret services, as quoted by a French newspaper reporter, String pullers Major among these networks in the region are 4e The wing of the Syrian army, led by President Bashar’s brother Maher al-Assad, the Syrian military intelligence services and their Lebanese Hezbollah allies, are a very strong presence on both sides of the Lebanon-Syria border.

Syria and Hezbollah, two of Polisario’s biggest supporters and Morocco’s enemies over the Sahara issueA report by the cited think tank New Lines Institute says that they will earn more than 5 billion euros by 2021. Le Figaro. Captagon Global Traffic To Surpass $10 Billion By 2021, Report Says An AFP investigation.

According to the same survey, this medicine Syria is the leading exporter to the world, “exceeds all legal exports”. This transport makes up at least three times of its national budget, officially Syria is a drug-trafficking country.

For Bashar al-Assad, Captagon is also a means Political intimidation. He wants to use the normalization of relations and acceptance of his rule as a tool to exert pressure on the international community. Today, the Syrian president is isolated and his country is under international sanctions.

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The origin of the proliferation of this drug is the war in Syria and its political and economic consequences

It must be said that these economic sanctions have left little room for the Syrian regime to overcome its dire economic crisis. The transit would have reconciled even the protagonists of the war opposing Bashar al-Assad’s regime with rebel groups.

According to an AFP investigation, the warring parties cooperate in this traffic that benefits both sides. Jihadists are said to have been among the first to consume it for its fear-relieving and invincible effects.

Captagon is a designer drug in the amphetamine family, originally designed to treat hyperactivity and addiction disorders. Considered a drug, it is now banned.