March 30, 2023

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Morocco ranks among the most influential African countries in the world

Based on a survey of 101 countries’ personalities representing decision-makers, businesses and civil society, the 2022 edition of this ranking places the Kingdom on the podium of the most influential countries ahead of Algeria and Tunisia.

According to Brand Finance, the world’s leading brand valuation consulting firm, soft power is defined as “the ability to influence the preferences and behaviors of various actors in the international arena through persuasion or attraction.”

With an overall score of 34.9, Morocco improves its score compared to 2021 and gains two positions in this international ranking of 120 countries, thanks in particular to the significant evolution of its “International Relations” index, which has gained 13 places. , thus signaling a new commitment to kingdom diplomacy.

According to an analysis of data collected by Brand Finance, Morocco’s performance was boosted by its business environment and its positive results in the “media and communication” and “science and education” categories.

Already praised in the 2021 edition of the ranking, the Kingdom’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which takes into account economic recovery, vaccination and support for aid to other countries, continued its positive growth in 2022.

Internationally, the United States ranked first with a score of 70.7, ahead of the United Kingdom (64.9) and Germany (64.6). China (64.2) and Japan (63.5) round out the top 5 globally.

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