May 30, 2023

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Muslims have complained to the United Nations against the parliament

The 82-page complaint was filed with the United Nations Human Rights Commission by Dutch-Moroccan lawyer Samira Sabir of The Umma Project, a group based in the Netherlands. In this complaint, the panel discusses the invitation in 2020 by a Dutch parliamentary committee to investigate the impact of foreign funding of various mosques and Muslim leaders, Hamid Tahiri, Jacob van der Blom and Nasr El Dalmanhouri, who held high positions in the Muslim community. Associations across the country. The summons follows a parliamentary inquiry into the influence of money from countries such as Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

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The three religious figures who were called as witnesses were at risk of imprisonment if they did not testify. According to their lawyer Samira Sabir, they were forced to defend themselves as suspects against more criminal charges despite not having committed any crime. He adds that his clients’ testimonies were telecasted live by several television channels.

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“Not only does the question arise as to why such a complex tool was used to investigate foreign influence, but the disproportionate tool of questioning witnesses and publicly questioning them under oath is completely unnecessary.” Middle Eastern eye Samira Sabir said her clients “were not heard as witnesses, but as suspects, and had to defend themselves unprepared and without the opportunity to be truly heard. ยป

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“The subpoena was more in the nature of a criminal investigation than a democratic parliamentary investigation,” the Umma Project counsel continued. “In the constitution of the Netherlands, we agreed not to treat each other differently based on religion or color. [mais] It’s clear what’s going on here,” Jacob van der Blom said in a statement.

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