April 1, 2023

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Najad Ganache won the “Pioneer Chef” award at the “ELLE Gourmet Awards 2022” gala – Moroccan Ladies.

At the “ELLE Gourmet Awards 2022” exhibition, organized by the Spanish edition of the famous “ELLE” magazine, talented and avant-garde chef Najat Kaanache, a great name in international gastronomy, won the “Pioneer Chef” award.

This distinction is a recognition of Najad’s immense talent and overflowing creativity, leading to the perfect fusion of Moroccan and Spanish gastronomy. “It is a true honor to be recognized as a pioneering chef in a country whose culinary history is linked to Andalusian culture, the birthplace of our heritage. » Chief Najad
Critically acclaimed in Europe, America and Latin America, Najad Ganache’s cuisine can be enjoyed today at the Igatsa (Basque name for charcoal) restaurant located in the heart of the Rabat Marriott Hotel.
Born from the overflowing imagination of its eccentric chef, designed by the original Asma Grybi, Igatsa is above all a place that awakens the senses and taste buds and invites you on a journey of values, love of cooking, generosity and sharing. Najad Ganache.



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