March 25, 2023

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NATO maneuver in the Black Sea: Americans value Russian security, Shokhov says

S. Choïgou responded on Sunday to the presence of US and NATO armed ships in the Black Sea, which he considered an attempt to test security off the coast and Russia’s southern border.
On a TV show in Moscow. Kremlin. Putin assured the Minister, “When a warship owned by a non-regional force enters the Black Sea, we understand that it carries long-range precision weapons. We understand the possibility that, like a British destroyer recently, we should definitely prevent things like this. […] More precisely, it is almost, of course, a constant attempt to test ourselves to see how ready we are and how effectively we have built our system. [de défense] On the Black Sea coast and in general, in the south of our country.
“They are not alone in this kind of conflict,” the minister continued, quoted by TASS as saying, “From what I understand, they are planning exercises with our neighbors, with the Georgian and Ukrainian navies. Two U.S. Navy ships are operating in the Black Sea: the Porter-guided missile destroyer and the Mount Whitney command ship, the flagship of the U.S. Navy’s 6th. Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “It can be seen through the binoculars or through the viewfinder. [des] Security systems [russes].

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