March 26, 2023

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NATO redistribution of nuclear weapons: J. Stoltenberg was tried by Eastern Europe

As Russia continues to warn NATO against its actions on the border, Germany’s refusal to keep such weapons on its border could lead to the possibility of maintaining nuclear weapons in Eastern European countries. Stoltenberg spoke Friday, November 19th. “I expect Germany to continue to be part of the nuclear divide because it’s very important to the entire European defense framework. There are various types of bilateral arrangements as an alternative to NATO nuclear sharing. J. Stoltenberg said that Germany would also end up with nuclear weapons in the east.
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexandre Khrushchev, J.P. Stoltenberg’s announcements testify to the fact that NATO is no longer taking into account agreements with Moscow. “If he really does say that, NATO’s joint voice through the Secretary-General will mean that the Russia-NATO founding law no longer exists, because this document outlines the obligations of the Coalition, including the Department of Atomic Energy. There will be no more space for substantial combat forces. Is there a substantial weapon other than nuclear weapons? ”
As a reminder, the founding law between the Allies and Moscow was signed in Paris on May 27, 1997, and the two parties did not view each other as enemies and established mechanisms for consultation and cooperation.
Since November 1, Russia has not held official talks with NATO, which is the result of repeated expulsions of Russian ambassadors. Relations are deteriorating with the regular flights of Alliance planes pointed out by Vladimir Putin on November 18 and the strengthening of its presence near the Russian border. The Russian president regretted that Moscow had repeatedly expressed its concerns over the matter and, especially in the “red lines,” as “strategically equipped bombers” were flying 20 kilometers from the Russian border. “Especially the warnings regarding the extension of NATO to the east have not been heeded,” he added. The head of state has promised to respond “adequately” to these military actions.

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