March 26, 2023

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News – Atlantic Conversations 10th Edition: First Week Review

On November 1, the New South Policy Center unveiled the 10th edition of its summit International Conference on Atlantic Dialogues, entitled “Atlantic Expanded on Tough Recovery from the Covid Crisis”. The 20 sessions are available in webinar format and can be accessed online on the Policy Center’s Facebook, YouTube and Atlantic Dialogues pages.

The first two panels are “Challenges of Management in Outbreaks” and “Diversity in Creating a New World Order”

In his inaugural address, Karim El Ainui, head of the Center for Policy for the New South, said: “Challenges facing macroeconomic policy on a global scale: change in international law, rivalry between China and the United States, rivalry between Arab countries, and African and Asian forces changing the political landscape. Also affect its classic Atlantic allies.

+ The challenge of management in times of epidemics +

In the presence of former Foreign Ministers of Spain, Portugal and France, Ana Palacio, Paulo Portos and Hubert Vetrine, and former Minister Obieli Ezequieli, the initial discussion on November 1 focused on the “challenge of governance in times of epidemics.” Co-founder of Nigeria Education, Transparency International and Senior Economic Adviser on the Africa Economic Development Policy Initiative (AEDPI). They answered two key questions about government response and the role of management in dealing with the epidemic, and provided analyzes marked by a variety of perspectives on the sense of Atlantic dialogue.

“The Covit-19 global problem and international solidarity are not working,” said Opiakeli Ezequieli, who called for a change in diversity. For her part, Ana Palacio rated Covid as “indicating only one crisis, others will be.” The epidemic is “especially an expression of populism. Leaders like Donald Trump and Jair Bolzano show arrogance and inadequacy. A catastrophic situation has arisen in Latin America.

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According to Paulo Portos, “very few governments, such as South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, which have already faced SARS, have managed the epidemic well. Europe, an aging society, has experienced a lot of suffering, but Africa is still young and has a high epidemic of memory. Hubert Védrine, for his part, considers it “exaggerated to talk about regime failure” and thinks that “decisions cannot be imposed on multilateral powers.” However, he calls for a comprehensive assessment of the World Health Organization (WHO)’s management of epidemiology “that can lead to deficiencies”.

+ Multilateralism in building a new world order +

The November 5 panel, hosted by Nairobi-based Financial Times correspondent Andres Shipani, allowed the Italian think tank ISOI director Palo Macri and Younes Aboob (Morocco), head of the region’s “state structure”. MENA for the United Nations, talk about multilateralism.

“” My country first “was everyone’s attitude during the epidemics, underlined by Palo Macri. For some reason, we are pushing Russia into the hands of China, and other countries may join. ”

For his part, Younis Abu Yub thinks that this change does not provide a real alternative: “We have no two ways of looking at the world during the Cold War, but competition between two types of nationalism. Going from one domination to another is not the solution. The economy is not seen as a service to development, and the world is not seen as a common good.”

The other 18 sessions of the Atlantic Dialogue, scheduled for November and December, will explore everything from geopolitics to economics, climate change and public health needs in the global south.

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As a reminder, the Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) is a Moroccan think tank whose mission is to contribute to the advancement of economic, social and international public policy, which is an integral part of Morocco and Africa, the global south. .

Therefore, PCNS mobilizes researchers, publishes their works and invests in a network of reputable partners from all continents. PCNS organizes meetings of various formats and levels throughout the year, the most important of which are the Annual International Conferences “Atlantic Dialogues” and the “African Peace and Security Annual Conference” (APSACO).