May 30, 2023

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Niger: Anti-political alarm bells ring

# In other countries : COPE 2021 / ACC / FRC and the Allied Alliance Political Opposition issued a statement in Niamey on January 8, 2022.

The election dispute arising from the last presidential election will be heard before the ECOWAS Court on the 1st.There is The following February, following a complaint from candidate Mahamane Usman seeking to run in the presidential election, the latter pointed to President Basum Mohamed and his government for taking advantage of the report of the Coalition 2021 / ACC / FRC and the Allies. For the disaster management of the country, he said.

The leader of the political opposition declared, “Nigerians are more divided than ever. Injustice, inequality and political inconsistency are the daily life of opposition activists and civil society actors. For a year, the modem has been proven by the incarceration of several militants in FA Lumana-Africa.

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In recent years, the security challenge has become central to the concerns of Nigerians.

According to His Excellency Usmane, “the existence of the state is dangerously threatened by the irregular deployment of foreign armed forces in Nigerian territory, blatantly violating the provisions of the Basic Law and making Niger a true defender; The prolongation of insecurity in the Sahelo-Sahara space, despite the fact that the entire force of foreign forces was on the ground and under the total disregard of CEN-SAD; Suspicious links inside and outside the country are between the regime’s paramilitaries and the drug traffickers who turn Niger into a drug state.

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Together with its allies, the CAP 2021 / ACC / FRC Coalition “protests against the deportation and isolation of political prisoners, demands their release and justice for the massacre of three Tera youth, condemns and rejects the authorities’ desire to formally prevent any peaceful demonstration and demonstration across the national territory, significant work.” Supports independent journalists who do and are victims of abuse, persecution and other denials, and urges the activists, sympathizers and supporters of all Nigerian citizens who have peace, justice, and love for the homeland to mobilize as one man to win this classic struggle.