March 30, 2023

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Niger: Ban on protests against foreign sites

# In other countries : A civil society demonstration scheduled for Sunday in Niamey against foreign military bases was banned on appeal by a Nigerian judge, we learned from judicial sources.

On Saturday evening, the Court of Appeals ruled that Niamey’s Town Hall “canceled the assignment” after municipal officials banned a demonstration scheduled for this Sunday “for the risk of disturbing public order.”

An interim judge issued an “order to protest” to Town Hall on Friday, “asking the police to oversee his protest,” Michael Sodie, national coordinator of the Tournaments Law Page movement, told AFP. .

Niger is home to many foreign military bases dedicated to the fight against jihadists in Sahel for many years.

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Mr. According to the couple, their demonstration “calls for the direct withdrawal of all foreign military bases, especially French military bases”, “they have been here for eight years and we do not notice a change compared to ‘insecurity’.

The demonstration was to “pay tribute” to the three protesters who were killed in a clash around the French military convoy on November 27 in Dera, a city in western Niger, en route to Cao, Mali.

Niger must face regular and deadly attacks by al-Qaeda and jihadist groups affiliated with the Islamic State. Iswab).

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In its fight against jihadists, it is benefiting from the support of many Western countries, including France and the United States, which have military bases in Niamey, Germany.

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The United States also has a large drone base in the Agadas (north) near Libya.