May 29, 2023

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Niger: Used tires roll up decoration in Lady Hassan

#In other countries : In Niger, a young woman recycles old tires and plastic waste into decorative items and household items. An initiative that contributes to the protection of the environment.

In her workshop set up in the family home, Lady Hasan prepares the materials for making the mani table. Since 2017, he has abandoned small businesses to recycle plastic and used tires. An initiative that, according to her, would be beneficial to the environment.

“I chose used tires and plastic bags because in waste, these take a long time to disappear in nature. This is a problem for our health and the environment. That’s why I turn them into accessories,” she explains.

Armed with a hammer, a drill, a screwdriver, nails or glue, Lady Hassan’s daily life is interrupted by 80% concentration. She needs it to succeed in her work. But first, it must collect the components and process them. “For this work, I first collect raw materials from tire repair shops at a flat rate and often for free. After collection, I sterilize them before painting. Then I insert other elements such as glass and supports,” explains the artist and decorator.

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If Lady Hassan’s works were marketed to a specific clientele, they were aimed at all walks of life. He explains: “My clients are above all high personalities who find my articles through exhibitions and publications on social networks. Beyond tables, I make bags and all kinds of furniture according to customer requests. I want others to be interested in my articles.

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Working alone in her studio, Lady Hassan dreams of passing on her knowledge. This vision is already written in its development plan: “My ambition is to build a great company to employ young people in the future. Because many people write to me for the benefit of training, but I cannot answer because my workshop is not big enough and I work at home.