March 30, 2023

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Numidia Lesol’s first film outside prison walls

PEOPLE – After being released from prison, the most famous influencer in Algeria, Numidia Lesol, made his first appearance in this case. Dzair Daily team describes this long awaited moment for you below.

The big day has finally arrived. A judge announced a final verdict in favor of prominent Algerian figures accused of possible involvement in a fraud case run by a fictitious company called Future Gate. Thus, the name of the most famous actress in Algeria, Numidia Lesol, will finally be cleared after the judge’s decision to release her from prison.

This good news was actually reported in the Algerian journalist’s account Raba Allah. The reporter shared this information a little earlier, on Tuesday, August 9. This, before the latter became widespread among Internet users, and additionally on all DZ social platforms.

The creator of the content has now been legally destroyed. Now the beautiful blonde appeared in public for the first time after regaining her freedom. Her appearance really took the internet by storm. Her eyes are brimming with joy and her broad smile speaks volumes about the tough times she has to overcome.

The beautiful girl can finally sink into the arms of her loving mother. He missed her so much. Also, films broadcast by public television channels There is also a TV Show how patient her parents were to see their beloved daughter back in their midst. We bring back these emotional scenes for you.

Lesol Prison Algeria Numidia

Case of the future gate: young Ines Abdelli doubt again?

It should be noted that apart from the famous Numidia Lesol, two other defendants in the Future Gate case can trace their families. This is Farouk Boudjemline, commonly known as Rifqa. Also Stanley’s real name is Mohammad Abarkhan.

According to the same journalist, Rifqa and Stanley were each sentenced to six (6) months in prison. One is the time they have already spent behind bars. Thus they are released from prison. However, things don’t seem to be all headed in the same direction for all the alleged influencers. Because, in fact, the fate of the Algerian actress Ines Abdelli risks experiencing something new.

Through another post on his official Instagram account, Raba Alloa revealed the release A young minor is no longer final. For good cause, the prosecutor appealed to the Court of Appeals. As a reminder, the judge was released from his case on July 12.

In fact, it coincided with the day when the young star of social networks won the anticipated trials of the French Baccalaureate. But, his happiness is curtailed now. Instagrammer with eyes The Blues will have to wait for the appeal hearing to be reversed at a later date. This is in the courthouse where the Court of Algiers is located in Ruisso.

Lesol Prison Algeria Numidia

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