May 30, 2023

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Nutrient: A grain that can change the taste of coffee

photo credit, Martin Kinyua

image caption,

Martin Kinyua grows coffee in Kenya’s Kirinyaga County.

  • author, Laura Hyton-Gins
  • stock, BBC economics journalist

On the fertile slopes of Mount Kenya, an extinct volcano, Martin Kinyua, a small coffee farmer, has decided against planting new crops.

According to him, the seedlings will simply die from the heat.

“We have a long dry season,” he explains. “We are used to two rainy seasons, light rain and heavy rain, but we cannot tell when the light rain will come today.

A member of Mutira Agricultural Cooperative in Kirinyaga County, Kenya, Mr. Ginyua finds that high temperatures attract more pests and diseases, increasing the cost of protecting his produce.

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