March 26, 2023

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ONEE launches projects in Guerguarate and Bir Gandouz with an investment of 300 MDH

Thus, Mr. El Hafidi, in particular the Governor of the Province of Auserte Abdarrahmane El Jauhari and the Director General of the Agency for Promotion and Economic and Social Development (APDS) of the Southern Provinces of the Kingdom (APDS), Jabrane Raklaoui, as well as the Heads of the Foreign Service, elected officials and civil and military figures at the El Gurgaon border Started drinking water supply works and several large-scale projects in the province of Ausart.

Following this, ONEE plans a number of projects in the province of Aousserd to support the socio-economic development of emerging municipalities and centers.

These structural projects of ONEE come in response to the growing needs for electric energy, drinking water and liquid sanitation based on the economic and social energy enjoyed by the region and its influence at the national and continental levels.

In the power sector, several partnership agreements have been signed between ONEE, Aousserd Province, Dakhla-Oued Eddahab Region, Bir Gandouz Commune, APDS and the Directorate General of Local Authorities. Generalization of electrification at the scale of the growing centers of the province of Aousserd, for a total envelope of 188 million dirhams.

In El Curator, Mr. El Hafidi began the construction and construction of the Pir Kandus Power Station, building a medium-voltage and low-voltage distribution network by connecting the electrification work of this border post to the Pir Kandus Center’s electrical network. Solar power station with storage system.

The project, which will require a budget of MAD 77 million and is scheduled to launch in October 2022, is jointly funded by ONEE, the Regional Council, the Directorate General of Local Bodies and APDS.

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It should be noted that technical studies are being carried out by ONEE to connect the Bir Gandouz and El Guerguarate centers to the National High Voltage (THT) power network.

At the Bir Gandouz Center, the DG of ONEE began work on connecting the Lamhiriz fishing village to the Bir Gandouz electricity network, at a total cost of 40 MDH, fully funded by the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab Regional Council.

The project, planned for August 2023, aims to support the economic development of the Lamhiris fishing village by building four distribution stations and electrifying the medium voltage outlet from the 0.4 / 22 kV substation at Pir Kandus. , Low voltage network and public lighting.

The second project, scheduled to begin in November 2022, aims to build a 0.4 / 22kV lifting station at the Pir Kandus power station.

The project, funded by MAD 17.4 million and co-sponsored by ONEE, APDS, the municipality of Pircondus, DGCT and the Regional Council, will develop medium voltage feeders to supply electrical power to the L border post. Flexibility in operating the power network.

The Bir Gandouz Center will benefit from another project related to the development of public lighting (2.4 MDH) by installing 115 LED lighting candles and more than 5 km of public lighting network.

At the Aousserd Center level, a large-scale project involving a hybrid of an existing diesel plant with a solar plant with a storage system will be launched (51.25 MDH). It is scheduled to come into service in December 2022, with the aim of ensuring 24 hours continuous power supply at the Assert Center instead of 12 hours a day.

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In addition, Mr. El Hafidi El Curcurate began work on the drinking water supply project for the border post, which included the construction of a new borehole and equipment, the desalination of seawater at a flow rate of 432 m3 per day, and the construction of a 200 m3 high reservoir.

Funded by APDS (20 MDH) and ONEE (4 MDH), the project will raise a total of 24 MDH to meet the Centre’s drinking water needs in the short and medium term.

Regarding fluid hygiene, Mr. El Hafidi inquired about the progress of the Bir Condos Central Health Project (MAD 60 million) related to the construction of a 15.5 km long, two pumping stations and a clean network with a natural pond. Type treatment plant with a capacity of 487 m3 / d.

The project has a current improvement rate of 60%, which will improve the health conditions of the beneficiaries and contribute to the protection of the environment and the recovery of treated wastewater. Lack of conventional resources in the region.

According to a report to the MAP, these infrastructure projects related to electrical energy, drinking water and liquid sanitation require a budget envelope of about 300 MDH, of which 200 MDH is dedicated to the sector of electricity.

He said these large-scale projects are about three centers in the province, namely Bir Gandouz, Aousserd and El Guargarate, which are likely to contribute to the socio-economic development of the region.

He noted that these centers are on the verge of becoming investment hubs and therefore need to further consolidate their attractiveness nationally and internationally.

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Since the accession of King Mohammed VI, the southern provinces of the country have established a multi-sectoral development model. In support of this development project, ONEE has undertaken a number of infrastructure projects in the areas of production, transportation and distribution of electricity, drinking water and liquid sanitation in response to the growing demand for these basic services.

The total investment in this development project is about 25 billion dirhams (billion dirhams), including 15 billion dirhams ONEE’s own investment.

According to ONEE’s vision for 2030, a global investment of 62.7 billion dirhams is planned in the southern provinces.