May 29, 2023

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Only courage pays off [Par Jamal Berraoui]

Only courage pays off [Par Jamal Berraoui]

Seneca wrote: “It’s not because one is not brave, but because one lacks courage.” This millennial phrase applies to the current situation on a global scale. Stagnation threatens, war in Ukraine is on a good back, and humanity is facing its contradictions now highlighted by the epidemic.

Real questions arise. Globalization has benefited some, not others, and they are very numerous, whether they are states or social classes. Production and marketing methods are broken and a new world must be created. The automotive industry is shutting down as Vietnam-made microprocessors no longer arrive. It’s a symbol, because microprocessors do not cost much, about twenty euros.

But it is nothing before social awareness. Everywhere, those affected by the globalization of accountants, who claim to be timely inventory management, are shown. For the first time in two centuries in Colombia, the left is coming to power, the desire for a social policy that does not disappear behind security, drug traffickers, and the vulnerability of the vulnerable.

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In France, the peaks, especially on the right, have taken the highly arrogant executive hostage. Those who come from below everywhere cannot take it and let it be known in the ways at their disposal.

In Morocco, there is the same square of circle to manage. How to protect the most dangerous without destroying the basics? Sri Lanka and Tunisia have already fallen because they did not find a way.

Political conditions are important. We are lucky in the standard system. But its stability depends on its reaction to the earthquake. And it is possible!

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Preserving purchasing power and maintaining the basics during reform are hard tasks and stocks are highly contradictory. But it is possible if we definitely choose the unity economy. It is time to empower real politicians, those who can create a plan that is our destiny. Accountants are led into the wall, real politicians carry beliefs, which side is ours?