June 6, 2023

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ONMT travels to Hispanic countries

The Lightning Tour aims to once again present the new international communications campaign “Morocco, Land of Light” and meet the major travel influencers of each country. In a press release.

In Lisbon, Portugal, the Light Tour Act II opened on Monday evening, enhanced by the presence of the Moroccan Ambassador to the Republic of Portugal, Othmane Bahnini, and saw the participation of tour operators, airlines and delegates. Portuguese media.

For the first phase, the ONMT teams will be joined by National Tourism Federation President Hamid Pentahar, National Federation of Hotel Industries President Lawson Jelmat and National Tourism Agencies President Mohammad Semlali. Regional Managers, in particular Siham Rida, President of the Ouarzazate CPT, Redwane Kanne, President of the Essaouira CPT and Omar Alaoui Belghiti, Vice President of the Dakhla CRT.

Adel El Fakir, General Manager, ONMT, said, “We are pleased to work with our Portuguese partners for the development of this market where growth potential has not yet been fully utilized, so we must intensify our efforts to welcome more Portuguese travelers to Morocco.

In 2019, the pre-Kovid reference year, Morocco was the 7th most visited tourist destination in Portugal with a 3% market share. Nationally, Sydia is the number one destination for Portuguese tourists, with 43% staying overnight, followed by 31% in Marrakesh.

ONMT Light Tour Phase 2 will stop this Tuesday in Madrid, Spain and on June 23 in S பாo Paulo, Brazil. ONMT continues its momentum to strengthen Morocco’s appeal in target markets.