April 1, 2023

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Opposes Iran and Hezbollah: Israel confronts its demons

In an interview with Channel 12, A.J. Yatlin spoke on Saturday, June 18 about Israel’s confusion over Iran’s nuclear weapons document. “Conflict should make us anxious on many important fronts.”

According to the Reserve Officer, the first lead “Iran enriches its uranium up to 60% before nuclear power”Sorry about that “We do not know which policy to choose.” And to be surprised: “Should we support Iran’s return to the agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear development, but pay a lot in return; or should we support his non-return to the official Israeli policy agreement? But what if Iran enriches 90% or withdraws from the nuclear non – proliferation treaty?”

A. Yatlin further pointed out “The second issue of concern that they are not paying enough attention to in Israel is the question of Hezbollah’s precision missile program, which will be the second front in the conflict and Syria the third front. And sound the alarm about the dangers awaiting the Zionist organization. “I follow domestic politics and where Israel is going,” he said. At the end of the year we face major challenges such as Iran and Hezbollah. The most important things are, there is no right or left about nuclear Iran or Hezbollah. He finished.

Hezbollah’s secretary general, Hassan Nasrallah, said last February “The opposition is now able to turn the thousands of missiles it has into precision missiles.” Also, he should add, “We have been converting our missiles into precision missiles for many years.” He addressed the occupying forces looking for precision missiles and did not fail to mock them. “Search as much as you want, we’re waiting for you”, He noted. Reaffirms the full readiness of the opposition to elevate Israel. If Hezbollah “does not want war,” it is not afraid, he should mention. H. A message coming back like a ledmotif in the mouths of Nasrallah and his lieutenants.

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Ben Cosbyt, Israeli writer and researcher, published on the US site Al-Monitor An article he mentions “Split between Israeli occupation leaders over Iran nuclear deal”. Those responsible for the occupation promise “I can’t agree whether resuming the contract is in their best interest or not.”

For his part, Amir Popot, an analyst on military affairs, expressed his fears “Israel is alone in the war against Iran because of its lack of credible US military will to attack Iran.”