March 29, 2023

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Paris calls on Algiers to respect its sovereignty after comments by Algerian ambassador to France

# Algeria : The Algerian ambassador to France on Wednesday called on the Algerian community to “respect” its sovereignty after encouraging the Algerian community to intervene in “French political life”.

“Europe and the Foreign Minister last week recalled France’s deep respect for Algerian sovereignty. It goes without saying that we expect respect for our sovereignty from all our allies,” Qui de Arce responded.

Last Thursday, Algerian Ambassador to France Mohamed Andar Dawood called on the Algerian community in France to invest in both Algeria and France.

“It is unacceptable that Algeria, which has the largest foreign community in France with 18 embassies, cannot be a lever to interfere not only in Algerian policy but also at the level of French policy,” he said. Commemoration of the October 17, 1961 massacre.

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The exchanges take place in a tense situation between Paris and Algiers, following the words of the French daily Le Monde Emmanuel Macron, who accused the Algerian “political-military” organization of maintaining “memory rent” by serving “official” its people. The story is “not based on facts”.

Relations between France and Algeria are still being hunted down by the Algerian war that fought the French state against Algerian separatists from 1954 to 1962.

As important anniversaries approach, such as the Evian Agreements that ended the war on March 18, 1962, Emmanuel Macron, in an unprecedented approach in France, multiplied the memory of trying to calm the memory of this conflict that still affects millions of people.

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He commissioned historian Benjamin Stora to make a statement and made several symbolic gestures, such as the return of the remains of freedom fighters from the 19th century to Algeria or the recognition of the assassination of Algerian lawyer Ali.

On Saturday, during the official celebration of the 60th anniversary of the massacre of Algerian protesters by French police in Paris on October 17, 1961, the French president for the first time condemned “unforgivable crimes against the republic.”