March 26, 2023

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Plus 1,5 million refugis on quit l Ukraine in 10 days

The number of people combating fights in Ukraine with a cross of 1,5 million, consisting of cr crche érfugis pluss the most rapide in Europe depute Secunde Guerre Mondialle, alert dimanche the Haut-Commissariat des Nations Unies for réfugiés ( HCR).

«Plus 1.5 million rifugiés venant d’Ukraine online travelers pays voisins in dix journeys. Here’s the crease of rafagiis qui connot la croissance la rapide en Europe depuis la Seconde Guerre mondiale, indicés a tweet in Haut Commissaire aux rifugiés Philippo Grandi.

The Haut Commissariat at lONONU searches for more than 1.37 million more searches. Les autonomous et lONU sattendent à ce que flot sintensifie encore.

The Pologne is the principal pays d’accueil flot de rifugiés.

Deposit 24 fivrier, date of operation in Ukraine and Ukraine, 922,400 people in flog sont entries entitled in Pologne, on the same dimension as the Guardian-Frontier Polonies.

Selon l’ONU, who owns over 4 million people who are the quorum of the quorum pays per pper chapper.

Daprès’ first premier report on the situation in the organization Montiale (OMS) publicly searched for 18 million people with their own contacts configured in Ukraine.

L’OMS a deploy personnel in Moldavie, Roumanie & Pologne afin da accrootre ses capacities d’intervention. Lagence sanitaire de l’ONU a gegelim mobilisé des experts in logistique en Pologne pour metre a center operation and sicuriser couloirs terrestres, afin de facilitate lcheminement rapide de l’assistance aux populations touchs.

In 4 mars, l’OMS is the first premier lot of fournitures musicals in Pologne, which arrives in Ukraine for all terrestrials. This assistance was first given to the Raponder Aux Bosons in Santa for about 150,000 people, and 1.000 people for the Disease of Soybeans Chirurgicaux.

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