April 1, 2023

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Positive outcome of Hezbollah drones: Mr. I believe

The Lebanese president said in an interview with Lebanese television OTVwhat “If things were not positive, Beirut would have ended the negotiations”. Mr. Aun explained “Demarcation will be completed soon and the settlement will be in the interest of all”. to his eyes, “It will take some time to reach a solution, we have reached an agreement with the Americans who are mediating with Israel”Report a “A positive environment In negotiation.

Nasser Kandil, Lebanese newspaper editor Al-Bina, President Aoun commented on the border demarcation issue by confirming it on a Lebanese television set. Almayadeen what “If the Lebanese president had not received a written message on the matter, he would not have mentioned the immediate demarcation”. And to point it out “If we can reach an agreement on the demarcation of maritime borders, it will be thanks to the drones of the opposition.”

expressed by N. Kandil Lebanon has received threats from Europeans before Hezbollah launches drones. indicates that “Resistance drones fired in response to this threat”. He also said that the US Ambassador has been briefed about this Like the other (Israeli) party, Lebanon should have full rights to extract gas.

US site “Axios” He mentioned that for his part “US President Joe Biden’s administration has pressured the Lebanese government to criticize Hezbollah drones overflying a gas platform (Karish) in the Mediterranean”. The site said “U.S. Ambassador Amos Hochstein and U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea met with senior Lebanese political and military officials over the weekend. They expressed their concerns about the drone launches and asked the Lebanese government to resist.

Recall that Hezbollah announced on Saturday, July 2. “Launch of 3 unarmed drones to carry out reconnaissance mission in disputed area” Karish pointed out that Vayu violin “The drones performed the required task and delivered the message. »

Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah confirmed on June 9 “Anglo-Greek company establishes platform to extract gas in disputed area of ​​Garish, creates aggression against Lebanon”.