May 29, 2023

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Prime Minister? From UNESCO to the Matignon, a sensible political path

AZOULAY. Audrey Azoulay, former UNESCO Minister of Culture and current host, has created a comprehensive address book and significant experiences that have been appreciated at the top of the state. Can he be appointed Prime Minister?

Who will change John Costex In Matignon? The name of Audrey Azole is becoming more and more assertive, while the new government team is being set up over the state and the focus is being poured on potential prime ministers. Of course, as the cabinet reshuffle approaches, rumors and gossip – often unsubstantiated or based on rumors – are rife. In fact, the information is very confidential in France: only a few individuals – including Emmanuel Macron And find out who will lead the executive along with the next Prime Minister – the President (as mentioned by the Head of State who has already selected and found the right person for the job).

But it must be said that the hypothesis is that Audrey Azole will be appointed president Government Undeniably in any way – begins to gain momentum. On May 11, Le Canard Enchaîné, generally well aware of what lies behind the scenes of power, suggested that Audrey Azoulay be in Emmanuel Macron’s short document: “He ticks all the boxes for Matignon: he met with former Minister of Culture under Hollande. Is marked by environmental commitment.

The same story applies to the RMC’s political service based on the inattention collected during the training for the presidential majority candidates in the Assembly elections in Auburnville on Tuesday, May 10th. Within this macroni digestion, a few tongues were loosened, and the RMC retained two names that came back to Matignon: Audrey Azoulay and Marisol Touraine.

Audrey Azoulay’s profile agrees with two criteria put forward by those close to Emmanuel Macron. According to several sources, 30 years after Edith Cresson’s short tenure, the president wants to appoint a woman to Matiknon. He has already experienced the rejection of two women for the post: Valérie Rabault and Véronique Bédague. In addition, during his campaign between the two rounds, Emmanuel Macron indicated that he would like to anchor his second term to the left rather than the first. However, if he had not been included in the PS, Audrey Azole would have been a member of Manuel Valls’s socialist government and close to Franுவாois Hollande.

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Successful experience as a minister

When he was appointed to the Ministry of Culture in 2016, moreover, many observers compared him to Audrey Azole … Emmanuel Macron: Both went directly from Franுவாois Hollande’s adviser to a member of the government, who had not been previously elected, and did not even belong to it. Socialist Party. Another link with the current executive is Audrey Azoulay, a former classmate of two members of the current administration at the ENA: Agnes Bunnier-Runacher, who is considered one of the closest collaborators with the Minister of Industry, especially Secretary-General Alexis Kohler, and Emmanuel Macron. Head of State knows Audrey Azoley well, and his value to him is no secret.

However, Audrey Azole is not based on innovation and political renewal. It should be noted that at this weak point, the former minister, in the government of Manuel Valls, did not capture the real political portfolio. He did not bring about divisive reform and did not reveal himself to the media. On the other hand, it can boast of building considerable ministerial experience. When he completed his duties in 2017, he enjoyed a good image in key areas of culture.

A notable presidency at UNESCO

Fran 2015ois Hollande was nominated in 2015 for UNESCO guidance, with Emmanuel Macron backing his candidacy after his election. Some observers will judge this last-minute nomination as a political calculation or parachute, which has raised many criticisms anyway. First, it was diplomatically agreed before 2017 that the post of Director-General of UNESCO should go to someone from the Arab world. A petition signed by several actors in Arab cultural life will be sent to the French government to challenge the French woman’s candidacy. Despite the criticism, he was elected to the post thanks to numerous candidates from the Arab world and divisions between the Gulf states.

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His work as President of UNESCO has been lauded and he is considered one of the leading figures in guiding the UN to increase the compulsory contribution of member states to education and culture. Accepted a keynote address on the preservation of the ancient walls of Jerusalem, presented as a tour driven by Audrey Azoulay. Another weapon that proves his ability to resolve diplomatic tensions: he initiates discussions on the return of the United States to UNESCO. The former minister was re-elected president of the company in 2021 for the second time. From this valuable life, he has also produced a rare address book, which had false contacts with several heads of state or government.

A graduate of Paris-Dauphine University, Sciences Po Paris and ENA, Audrey Azole joined the Senior Civil Service in 2000: he was appointed Civil Administrator to the General Secretariat of Government. Later, he joined the National Center for Cinema and Animation (CNC), where he held several positions until his appointment as Deputy Managing Director. Audrey Asole is well versed in French cinema and key figures in the industry. As a minister, he will be actively involved in the task of digitizing theaters. According to L’Obs, he became particularly close with Julie Guyote.

In 2006, he turned down the offer to join the cabinet of Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin. As Franois Hollande became closer, he became his advisor in 2014 in charge of culture and communication. He was then appointed Minister of Culture in the Manuel Valls government in 2016, replacing Flor Bellerin. Support for the latter during the Socialist Party’s presidency in 2016, he did not decide before the first round of the 2017 presidential election, but, like many Socialists, called for a second round of voting for Emmanuel Macron.

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When she had already occupied Rudy Valois, Audrey Azole was often presented as the daughter of Andre Azole, one of Hassan’s influential advisers, and later the daughter of VI Mohammed. If Audrey Azole has made a name for herself and established herself for her qualities, her parents are sometimes seen as a significant benefit in convincing and uniting international cultural figures. Audrey Azoulay’s father, a former economist and leading Arab diplomat, used to sit regularly at negotiating tables on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Audrey Azoulay’s husband, François-Xavier Labarraque, met his future wife on the benches of Science Bow and developed a career in consulting. A man with networks and influence, he was a senior civil servant who was the “Director of Strategy and Development” of Radio France before he started his “strategic consulting” company. Science Po.Francois-Xavier Laparrock and Audrey Azole have two children.

If Audrey Azole had discovered the mysteries of power by settling in Rudi de Volois, he would not have been new to various fields of culture before becoming a minister. In an environment marked by the importance of humanity, he was immersed very young by his father and surrounded by those who pursued a career in letters and the arts. His older sister, Judith, was an employee of the French Association for the Arts, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Culture. Her sister, Sabrina, was the director of shows at the Paris premiere before becoming the producer of France 5, especially the show “Entry Libre”. As mentioned The worldHis cousin Elizabeth, who emphasized that “everyone in the family is immersed in culture or audiovisual”, was an anthropologist who also became a producer, earning a name for himself for writing the encyclopedia “100,000 Years of Beauty”. By Gallimard, funded by the L’Oréal Foundation.