April 1, 2023

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PT: Systematic repression in Algeria will escalate into violence in 2022

The Labor Party (PT), one of Algeria’s most influential opposition political groups, has warned against planned repression in the country, which could escalate into violence in 2022.

In a political statement from the last ordinary session of the Central Committee, the PT lamented that “almost 300 political and ideological prisoners, thousands of victims of arbitrary actions, abused in very long detention, dozens arrested ‘per day’.

The PT also condemned trials that did not meet any legal standards, untrue sentences of 2 years after imprisonment, incomprehensible loss of all prisoners every 15 days, guaranteed rights by law, inhumane food and eligibility. Health conditions in prisons due to lack of budget.

While creating a black assessment of the human rights situation in Algeria, the party’s general secretary, Louisa Hanoun, issued a statement condemning “a catastrophe in the realm of liberty”, citing other “catastrophes” in the social, health and economic spheres. Project.

In this sense, he warned against the wrath of a new people “there are limits to human patience”.

“2021 was marked by an unprecedented attack on multi-party politics and the right to a political system in general. The court verdict was announced against Young Raj and the association of two recognized political parties, the UCP and the PST, and there is a risk of knowing the same fate, ”he said.

According to the opposition, “thanks to the sacrifice of 500 young people in October 1988, the process of questioning political rights was accelerated by liberal amendments introduced in the criminal law in 2020 in favor of imprisonment, accelerated in 2021. Freedom of expression, journalism, conscience and scientific research, and most recently social demands. The law criminalizing crowds has been dangerously aggravated by the general emergency measures that confiscate and criminalize direct threats to the right to strike.

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The party denounced Kapilia’s self-determination movement (MAK) and the Rashad movement as “a tool in the fight against terrorism” as arrests have multiplied since they were classified as terrorist organizations.

According to Hanun, the judiciary operates at full speed on the basis of the instrumentation of the fight against terrorism through the use of integration, generalization and chaos and collective responsibility, the most radical slip.

With the current anti-social orientation, the murderous finance law is expected to worsen with the enactment in January 2022, which will cause major upheavals in the community, most of which will go out of use. No one can predict future developments.

He added, “Bread and milk can no longer be given to children. Yes, no one can predict a fair public reaction because this government is pushing the majority to its limit.”