May 30, 2023

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Ranking – Morocco tops African country in terms of quality of life (report)

According to a ranking recently established by the American magazine US News, which covers 85 countries on different continents, Morocco is the first African country and the 52nd in the world in terms of quality of life.

In Africa, Morocco is followed by Egypt (54th) with a score of 10.7, South Africa (60th) 8.4, Tunisia (64th) 6.5, Ghana (65th) 6.1, Kenya (72nd) 3.9 and Cameroon. (75th) 3.6, Zambia (76th) 2.9 and last place Algeria (81st) only 1,9.

In this ranking, Morocco received a standard of living of 12.7/100 with a GDP per capita of $8,144, knowing that it takes into account several criteria, including economic and political stability, security, market employment, income equality, public education and more. In addition to questions related to health systems, personal freedom and environmental quality.

+ Sweden ranks 1st with 100/100 + scores

Morocco scores 48.8 for “accessibility” (ease of living), 24.4 for family friendliness, 12.6 for safety index, 10.5 for job quality, 10.4 for political stability and 7.5 for economic stability.

However, Morocco scored low on public education (3) and health (4.4) and income equality (5.5) systems.

At the top of the world rankings, Sweden topped the list with a score of 100/100, followed by Denmark (99.9/100) and Canada (97.9/100).

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