May 30, 2023

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Regional Assembly Elections: Results of Online Voting

Frenchmen registered in the list uniting the inhabitants of South America (2nd block) or the Maghreb, North and West Africa (9th block) and the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea were invited to take part in their elections. Supplement through a voting system known as online voting. Can’t hear your voice? Don’t worry, you can vote on Saturday 01 April in one of the polling stations set up by consulates in Latin America (IIème) and on Sunday 02 April for the other two constituencies. The second round will be held on Saturday, April 15 and Sunday, April 16, 2023.

3 Annulment of election

The Constitutional Council canceled the elections of the French Vice-Chancellor (2nd Constituency) of South America. Eleanor Carroyd (Renaissance) and the French annexation of the Maghreb, North and West Africa (Volume IX) Karim Ben Sheikh (Génération.s/ NUPES) and the French subsidiary in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Mayor Habib (UTI/LR).

Thus from noon on Friday 24 March (Paris time) to noon on Wednesday 29 March (item), 282,000 voters registered for online voting were invited to cast their vote via a dedicated platform on the web.

Disappointing turnout

On Thursday, the Online Voting Control Office, made up of consular officials and representatives of elected officials and candidates, reported the statistics on participation in online voting.

Disappointment is up to expectations, in the best case it reached 10%.

In detail, she was 9.15% in 2nd batch There are 6,303 voters. In VIIIIt was the most important location, peaks in Italy (17% in Rome, almost 18% in Milan). 10.84% 12,206 votes were counted. Finally it is IX Who brought the rear 8.11% Another 8,158 voters participated through the online platform.

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Colombia and Tunisia in line of sight

In the 8th century, we noted some problems for the Renaissance candidate Deborah Aspiror-de Lieme, above all the weak communication of the embassies. Many returns of voters are related to not updating the contact data (to get username and password) within the time limit and ultimately the people involved are not aware of much. As for Mayor Habib’s team, as his campaign manager told us, we regret that the identifiers are often classified as spam, preventing voters from easily accessing them. But overall, as far as the candidates are concerned, the election took place in better conditions than June 2022.

On the other hand, in the 9th District, we’re a little more scared. If Ramadan explains the low turnout, some point to the situation in Tunisia, as campaign outsider Grégory Zaoui reminds us.

In this country, among the first participants in previous elections, less than 4% of voters voted online for this first round. It is indicated that subscribers did not receive the first Tunisian operator of the SMS with the password to vote. Once again there is a fear of cancellation in this constituency.

Another country causes trouble, but this time in the 2nd block: Colombia. Problems with receiving text messages have also been reported here. Not forgetting the Bahamas, no voter received their codes and some participants had to play with tech support to get their codes through devious means. But since the archipelago has only 149 electorates, it is unlikely to be repealed. Everything will depend on the distance between the participants when the results are published on Sunday evening, will Colombia abandon online voting?

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Is Online Voting Closing?

Because this is another issue of this election! Because if, for the second time in a few months, the election is canceled due to online voting, what is the future of this participation system?
Many are worried that this is the time to end it.

But as things stand, how can consistent access to electronic ballot box be maintained? The problem? Exchange of access codes, salvation may come from France identity. An app like your bank’s 3D-Secure can authenticate any identity and free the voter from hunting for identifiers and passwords.

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