March 26, 2023

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Relations between Morocco and France viewed by an expert

“A report by the Institute for Applied Geopolitical Studies (EGA) in November, under the themeWhere does Morocco stand vis-à-vis France and Europe?», appeared under the direction of Manon Selem and Alexandre Negras. For this event, they had their feathers crossed and joined.

A walk through its chapters leads to various frontiers which, along the way, applied the international policy of France and Europe to African countries. According to the document, it is now based on balance of power rather than ideological considerations. The founding president of the EGA, Alexandre Negras, devoted himself to the geopolitical, geoeconomic and social aspects that must now be integrated, according to the most realism and pragmatism in the approach and depth of his cooperation with the Kingdom. Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

In an interview with Le Point, he focused on the need to break out of certain postures. So a judge in international law would say,In the context of diplomatic coolness between the Kingdom of Morocco and France, it is necessary to analyze the relations between France and Morocco on the one hand, and the relations between the European Union and Morocco on the other hand, with a renewed approach. A conclusion to certain postures ».

and to add,The production of knowledge in international relations about the Kingdom of Morocco has often been redundant over the years. Relations between Paris and Rabat are polarized between activists and opponents, but a theoretical and practical approach must be taken in light of contemporary developments. Morocco now adopts a new position that France and the European Union must take into account.The ambition is to envision the future of relations between the European Union, France and Africa with the Kingdom of Morocco as a hub on many levels.

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For Alexandre Negras, “ETo see sustainable economic cooperation is to present itself in a dimension that is both security and geo-economic, which will make it possible to find new challenges. If the Kingdom of Morocco is not a “particular”, it is true that this country is characterized by its uniqueness with its macroeconomic and institutional stability and its security approach.“. The founding president of EGA will give his full convictions, “Obvious opportunities for multidimensional cooperation with France and Europe, the latter not wanting to see Chinese, Russian and Turkish competitors gain additional market share.».

Snippets of reports were very interesting, so we got this, for example, “Morocco is positioning itself as a rising, ambitious power whose stability is a guarantee for France and the European Union. Africa is a very hypocritical French and European position as Europe’s future market unless the opposition parties balance each other out.». French authorities must act pragmatically to position themselves for the future of their strategic partnerships in North Africa and Africa in general.

For this, common measures should be implemented between Morocco, France and Europe or, “Bad news for France is the long-standing tense relationship between the two countries. The question of drastic reduction of visas, in particular, constitutes the most visible bone of contention, and for several reasons, it is necessary to address the controversy surrounding this matter.“. This undermines broad and highly effective cooperation in many fields.

This is especially the case in terms of security, where Morocco positions itself as a key player in the fight against terrorism. Challenges are many, security, energy supply, environment, migration and good governance…etc. Alexandre Negras adds “At the European level, it is also necessary to increase cooperation with Morocco on the issue of migration. French and European authorities have, in the past, shown some inconsistency in controlling migrant flows».

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It is obvious that Morocco is a strong partner and “It is not inconceivable that in the future, on the ever-uncertain horizon, France will take the fall by aligning herself with the positions of her American and Spanish allies in the matter of the Sahara.“. During the trip to Algiers, the French president did not give any reason for satisfaction to the negroes of Algeria.”French diplomacy can gain all by deeply analyzing its calculation between contextual alliances and historical and strategic alliances with a far-reaching horizon.».

We loved this fall: “The French president is well aware that the Franco-Algerian dialogue around the question of memory and gas, especially because of the visa issue, should not affect relations with Rabat, which have been already strained recently. Considering France’s gas needs alone would be a dangerously short-term view.».