March 22, 2023

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Residence permit in Europe: Morocco ranks 2nd

Due to its geographical proximity to Europe, apart from the visa ban, more Moroccans cross the border to the north. This significant migration of Moroccans has been confirmed by the European Commission Directorate responsible for statistical information, revealing that it is the second country to benefit from residence permits in Europe for 2021.

With 150,100 residence permits issued last year, Moroccans are the second largest beneficiary of residence permits in Europe. More than 75,050 residence permits were issued by Spain, of which 59% represented first residence permits for “family reunification”.

Chinese benefited from 43% of European residence permits, all within the framework of the studies. Americans also benefit from residence permits issued by member states of the European Union, with a rate of 32%.

Residence permits issued by the EU in 2021 increased by 31% compared to 2021, with more than 2,952,300 permits issued to non-European citizens.

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Poland took first place with a third of the issued permits with 967,300 residence permits, followed by Spain with 371,800 permits, 13% and France with 285,200 residence permits, i.e. 10%.

The most significant improvement was reported in Italy, with an increase of 159%, the country rising from 105,700 degrees awarded in 2020 to 247,100 in 2021. Finland also experienced a 132% evolution for its share, from 24,800 permits to 520,20 of 520,30. In 2021. However, Poland ranked third on this platform, rising from 598,000 residence permits in 2020 to 967,300 in 2021, an estimated 62% increase.

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Still in the same context, the other 3 countries of the European Union have reduced the submission of the cited document for 2021 compared to 2020, in this case Germany by 41%, Lithuania -7% and Croatia – 4%.