March 26, 2023

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Ridouan Taghi or Trial of All Dangers and Threats

Ridouan Taghi, no longer present, is considered the most dangerous man in the Netherlands Europe’s biggest drug trafficker. The real instigator of the “La Crème” coffee shop crime in the center of Marrakech, he is currently being prosecuted for numerous murders, kidnappings, money laundering and attempted kidnappings.

Arrested in Dubai in 2019, he never stopped fooling the chronicles by ordering crimes, even from the bottom of his cell. Rivals but is suspected of having killed or killed several people, including journalists and lawyers, he is considered one of the “future” crimes, kidnapping or threats of violence against public figures, which frightens people badly.Netherlands.

The trial of this 45-year-old Dutch man of Moroccan origin, known as “Marengo”, who came to the Netherlands at the age of two, was not born and raised in Morocco, and was intensively investigated in a suburb of Amsterdam. A secure campus under high surveillance since September.

In this case he is the leader of the powerful organization “Mogro Mafia” (Mogro is short for Morocco) which controls the traffic of cocaine into Europe from the port of Antwerp, Belgium. Ridouan Taghi must report to a judge in the Netherlands along with about fifteen of his associates, including his loyal right-hand man, Saïd Razzouki, who was arrested by the FBI in Colombia in February 2020.

Thirteen murders or attempted murders committed between 2015 and 2017 (the Netherlands has abolished the death penalty since 1871) require defendants whose lives are in danger to answer. But many murders related to drug trafficking – about a hundred people. Recorded in the kingdom, as well as shootings or various attacks against the media.

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Aside from all sorts of murders, drug trafficking, and money laundering, what’s in the news right now are the alleged kidnapping plots that make headlines in the Netherlands and other countries.

Belgian Minister of Justice, Vincent van QuickenbornHe knows things about him who was recently threatened with kidnapping.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte had to trade his bicycle in The Hague for an armored car surrounded by heavy police guards. Crown Princess Amalia, who went to the University of Amsterdam every day, could barely leave the royal palace.

In fact ten days earlier, the Dutch royal couple had caused a shock when they announced that their daughter, Crown Princess Amalia, 18, would not be able to leave the Huis den Bosch palace on the beach to attend university in Amsterdam. Where does she study? A drastic change for this 18-year-old girl who was studying like everyone else. The Dutch Prime Minister and Crown Princess Amalia are suddenly forced to live under police protection to avoid being kidnapped. They can be used as bargaining chips with Ridouan Taghi.

These threats are taken very seriously because this man is capable of anything. The lawyer and the brother of a repentant man who denounced him to the police were killed in front of the court. An investigative journalist who worked for this mafia was murdered. A lawyer lives under high security, while other judges are threatened. A 23-year-old youth from a rival gang was beheaded.

His list of misdeeds is long and includes the La Crème Cafe affair in Marrakech, which accidentally cost an innocent life. The risks are considered so high that lawyers for the civil parties plead with face masks to guarantee their anonymity. The grandson of a drug trafficker who brought cannabis from Morocco arrived in Utrecht (Netherlands) with his family at the age of two. Nevertheless, he was such a good student that he went so far as to study academic science at university while selling a few drugs on the side.