May 30, 2023

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Russia: Speech by Vladimir Putin at the Russia-Africa Parliamentary Conference

Russia will be happy to see all African leaders at the summit in July

Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited all African leaders to the Russia-Africa Summit in St. Petersburg in July 2023.

“We are very actively preparing for the second Russia-Africa Summit. We will be glad to see the presence of all African heads of state and heads of regional organizations at this forum,” he said in an address to the Russia-Africa Parliamentary Conference on Monday.

45% of wheat volumes go to Europe and only 3% to Africa

Speaking at the Russia-Africa Parliamentary Conference in Moscow, the Russian president pointed to the uneven distribution of grain leaving Ukrainian ports under the Black Sea Treaty.

“Of the total amount of grain exported from Ukraine, 45% is sent to European countries and only 3% [vont] to Africa,” lamented the Russian head of state.

Russia honors commitments to supply goods to Africa in good faith

Russia is fulfilling its obligations in good faith in providing food, fertilizer and fuel to Africa.

“I want to emphasize that our country faithfully fulfills all its obligations to provide food, fertilizers, fuel or other essential goods to the states of the continent, to contribute to their food and energy security,” the Russian president said. .

Moscow emphasizes the universality of the grain deal

“We insist on the universal nature of this agreement, mainly in the interests of African countries and other developing countries, through which they need a large amount of food. We insist on full compliance with the main demands of Russia, first, as I said, ensuring that grain and fertilizers go to African countries that need them, We are making sure to go to European countries and not to European markets,” the chairman pointed out. Russian government.

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Russia canceled more than $20 billion in loans owed by African countries

“Russia has written off more than $20 billion in debt from African countries,” the head of state said at the Russia-Africa International Parliamentary Conference on Monday. The Russian leader’s speech was met with applause.

Russia, Africa, Asia and Latin America are resisting neocolonialism

Russia and African countries are upholding traditional moral standards and social principles for our people, fighting new colonial ideology imposed from outside, he said. Similar positions are shared by many countries in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, and together we form a global majority. »

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