April 1, 2023

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Sahara: Algeria’s attempt with Spain again shows involvement in this file

Kiosk 360. The decision taken by the Spanish government in the Sahara affair has been confirmed by the government. Algeria did not take it properly. He sought a confrontation with this country before being rejected by the European Union. This article is a daily journal review from Al Ahdat al – Maghribia

In its expansion against Spain, Algeria will finally last only two days. For EU-backed Spain, it took 48 hours to once again break the legendary pride of its eastern neighbor.

In its edition on Monday, June 13th, daily Al-Ahdat al-Maghribia It looks back on this interim conflict that was lost in advance by Algeria. In fact, everything happened so quickly. On Wednesday, the Algerian president announced that he would suspend the agreement on friendship and good neighborhood that binds the country to Spain. Recall that the agreement, which ended in 2002, put Morocco and its northern neighbors in the middle of a crisis.

Following the announcement by the Algerian president, the Association of Bank Operators has called for the immediate cessation of bank practical demarcation operations required for any business transaction between private Spanish and Algerian operators. Spain regrets the move, while confirming that its government has not made any decision affecting Algeria and has not spoken a word to provoke expansion. Immediately, European companies play and line up behind Spain. The European Union (EU) on Friday warned Algeria against retaliating against Spain for imposing trade sanctions on the country.

European Commission officials write Al-Ahdat al-Maghribia, It also announced that it was undertaking an assessment of the impact of the Algerian operation, particularly the instructions given to financial institutions to suspend transactions between the two countries. This, in the case of the EU, is tantamount to a breach of the EU-Algeria Association Agreement, especially in the areas of trade and investment.

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In the same vein, EU officials have pledged to oppose any form of coercion used against EU member states. When recalling that trade policy is the exclusive prerogative of the Union. According to the newspaper, the EU has clearly expressed its frustration with Algeria’s continued threat.

In fact, in the wake of the Gas Blackmail and Algerian action, Magreb cut off the gas pipeline to Europe (GME) in protest of the new Spanish position supporting the Sahara’s autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty. The two countries will face the same fate. The EU wants an end to all this. In addition to the Commission’s officials, this new act of the Algerian threat was strongly condemned at the level of the European Parliament.

Faced with this threatening tone of the EU, which continues daily, Algeria is being forced to suspend. Its representative with 27 people in Brussels tried to save the furniture. While saying that his country could not question its agreement with the EU, he said that his country’s government had never taken steps to suspend current transactions with EU’s partner Spain in this case.

And not to provoke further EU anger, Algeria has promised to continue respecting all its obligations with regard to gas supplies to Spain. End of chapter. According to the newspaper, this is the eleventh chapter in which Algeria wanted to play hard and ended up kicking ass.

That is to say, insist Al-Ahdat al-Maghribia From the case of El Gurgaon, it confirms that the eastern neighbor was also a partner and key instigator of the conflict surrounding the Sahara. His supposed support for the theory of the right to self-determination has finally faded, as have many of the decisions he has made in recent years.

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We have known for years that the question of the Sahara has always been an essential file for becoming the true backbone of Algerian diplomacy. Today, we know that the military power in Algeria is ready for anything, including drowning the entire country by playing for the core interests of its people for the police.