March 30, 2023

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Sahara: Andean Parliament reiterates seriousness and credibility of Moroccan autonomy bid

Sunday, October 30, 2022 at 09:43 PM

Rabat – The Andean Parliament reiterated the seriousness and credibility of the Moroccan autonomy initiative as a basis for resolving the Moroccan Sahara issue during the General Assembly held in Colombia from October 26 to 29.

During this session, attended by the delegation of the Moroccan House of Representatives, the first permanent committee of the Andean Parliament, the “Foreign Policy, International Relations and Parliamentary Diplomacy Committee”, approved by a majority the proposal aimed at underlining “The seriousness and credibility of the Moroccan initiative for autonomy”, refers to a press release from the chamber, referring to the “discussion of the matter related to the attempt to introduce the puppet body’s “National Council” as an “audience member”. ” For the Andean Parliament, rejected.

Likewise, the General Assembly of the Andean Parliament unanimously approved the report of the “Commission for Foreign Policy, International Relations and Parliamentary Diplomacy”, which underlined the “seriousness and credibility of the Moroccan autonomy initiative”. The question of the Moroccan Sahara adds the same evidence.

Two points on the agenda of the General Assembly concerning the question of the Moroccan Sahara were approved. The first point is about support for the Moroccan autonomy initiative as a realistic, serious and credible solution to the artificial conflict around the Moroccan Sahara, and the second point is about the attempt to consolidate a bogus entity called the “Sahrawi National Council”. Observer Member of the Andean Parliament.

After the vote, several members of the Andean Parliament expressed “their great respect for the Kingdom of Morocco and their admiration for the development in all areas, especially since their last visit to the Kingdom last July.” In the same vein, the report reports on the great role played by Morocco in promoting cooperation between Africa and Latin America.

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For their part, members of the Moroccan parliamentary delegation welcomed the “fraternal and honorable positions” shown by the Andean parliament, expressed their willingness to continue to support the Moroccan parliament’s distinguished cooperation with the Andean parliament and to work to change these. Strong ties in concrete action plans that respond to the aspirations of the Andean and Moroccan peoples and the economic, social and cultural development of both countries.

Members of Parliament emphasized that this strong parliamentary will is in line with the Kingdom’s strategic choice to support South-South cooperation under the wise leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

The members of the Moroccan delegation recalled the importance of the results of the first “Moroccan-Andean Community” Economic Parliamentary Forum, organized last July on the occasion of the General Assembly of the Andean Parliament in Laun.

“These results highlight the enormous opportunities for trade between the Andean countries and Morocco, especially since the Kingdom is a solid gateway to the African continent and a reliable partner to establish an exemplary partnership of South-South cooperation”.

During the meetings with the members of the Andean Parliament, the members of the Moroccan delegation presented a real insight into the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara, reviewing the most important developments in this conflict and the achievements made by the Kingdom for sanctification. Morocco and the absolute territorial integrity of the Sahara, the latest of which is United Nations Security Council Resolution 2654.

Proceedings of the General Assembly and the 43rd anniversary of the founding of the Andean Parliament, members of the House of Representatives, Mrs. Fatin El Khali and Mr. Mohammed Benjellon Toomey and Councilors member Abdelkader Salma participated.

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The Parliament of the Andean Community was created on October 25, 1979 as a body representing the people of five Andean countries: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile. The Moroccan Parliament joined this regional parliamentary meeting as an observer member and advanced partner in 2018.