May 29, 2023

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Sahara: Polisario threatens participants in Africa Eco Race 2022

Once again, the Polisario amplifies its threats without consequence or risk. This time the Polisario front is targeting participants and organizers of the Africa Echo Race rally, the 14th edition of which will travel through the El Guerguerate border post between Morocco and Mauritania in October. In a statement released last week, the separatist movement argued that the Sahara was “yet another war zone”.

Therefore, he warned the rally’s organizers, participants and sponsors of the “consequences of trespassing” into the zone, adding that he has the right to “use all formalities and respond firmly to any action aimed at compromise.” sovereignty” and “its territorial integrity”.

Unrealized threats Since November 13, 2020, following the intervention of the Moroccan Armed Forces to secure the road connecting Morocco and Mauritania, Polisario elements cannot reach the buffer zone of El Guerguerate.

It should be noted that the caravan of the 14th edition of this rally will depart from Principality of Monaco on October 15, 2022. The Sahara stage will start on October 20 and reach Asa Jak and Dakhla on October 23. Participants will pass through the border post of El Guergueret between Morocco and Mauritania on the 24th.

This edition will have 550 participants, 200 vehicles, 80 of which will actually race, and almost thirty different nations will be represented.

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