March 30, 2023

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Sahara: Spain’s “historic” position paves the way for exponential growth in cooperation with Morocco (Spanish Political Scientist)

Mr. Altamirano explained the historical position of the Spanish government. Considering the autonomous initiative of the Kingdom of Morocco in the southern provinces as the most serious, realistic and reliable basis for solving the Sahara conflict opens the way for the rapid development of cooperation between the two countries. and pledge”.

Thus Spain, following in the footsteps of the United States, returns to truth, justice and reason, noting that Spain and Morocco, which are the bridge connecting Europe to Africa, are facing great challenges in the displaced areas. fight against drug trafficking and terrorism, but they face huge economic opportunities today and tomorrow.

The political scientist, in this sense, emphasized that Africa and its natural resources, new technologies and increasingly important in maintaining the European economy, now represent an important opportunity for both neighbors, these are real opportunities. At the moment they pass as unnecessary historical territorial issues.

According to him, this position of Madrid is “another blow given to illegal claims by Algeria’s Polisario puppets”.

“This is a new diplomatic coup that will leave Algeria out of the game and increasingly isolated internationally, while the Polisario remains in a catatonic and distracted state”, Mr. Altamirano continued. Spain’s economy knew they could have serious consequences for relations across the EU.

“Morocco’s territorial integrity is not only a legitimate claim of the Kingdom of Morocco, but Spain must continue to support it”, Mr. Altamirano affirmed, noting that this is a guarantee of peace and stability in the entire Sahel region.

Also, “the international recognition of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco presupposes, without a doubt, a bet on truth, justice and peace, from which we will all benefit equally”.

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