June 6, 2023

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Same fate of two heads of state

King Mohammed VI and President Ali Bongo

King Mohammed VI of Morocco and President Ali Bongo of Gabon are two heads of state whose friendship is beyond doubt. If Ali Bongo sneezes, Mohammed VI has a cold and vice versa. For nearly two years, these two leaders have been troubling those around them.

Between Ali Bongo and Mohammed VI, it’s a long story. A relationship formed when both were students. After that, they were inseparable. Like the best of times, the worst of times. During their magisterium, the two leaders did not hesitate to meet each other out of respect. Accommodations in Morocco and Bongo and Gabonese accommodation are offered in honor of Mohammed VI.

Health issues that started in 2018

For some time now, none of them have been fishing. And in a curious coincidence, their health problems started in the same year: 2018. Then 54 years old, King Mohammed VI “presented on Saturday January 20, 2018, a cardiac arrhythmia,” according to an official press release issued by the Moroccan Agency. Map. The king’s doctors concluded that he had “aural palpitations in a healthy heart”.

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It received sovereign surgery at a clinic in Paris, France. According to the Royal Medical Commission, one operation was “successful”. Radiofrequency ablation of this arrhythmia, carried out at the Ambrose Barre clinic in Paris, made it possible to “normalize the heart rhythm”. It was the beginning of health problems for the Moroccan sovereign who underwent other surgeries on the same heart.

Ali Bongo and the effects of his stroke

That same year, his friend and Gabon’s brother, Ali Bongo Ondimba, suffered a stroke. The leader, then 59, was soon hospitalized in Saudi Arabia on October 24, 2018. After spending almost a month in Riyadh following the stroke, his condition did not improve. Mohammed VI then moved to welcome his friend to Morocco so he could continue his rehabilitation there. At that time, Ali Bongo’s health was very critical.

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Gabon’s president managed to be admitted to a military hospital in Rabat Restore the use of speech and part of his motor skills. But since then, it’s no secret that Ali Bongo was suffering from the after-effects of his stroke. Some even wonder if the president of this Central African country does not Lost sight. And since 2018, his foreign trips have become rare. Almost the same for his brother Mohammed VI who is not in great shape now.

Mohammed VI had lost his lustre

Restarted At his palace in Rabat, the king is losing weight day by day. In 2018, we know that the news of his separation from Princess Lalla Salma spread. To date, it has not been confirmed or confirmed by the government services. The royal couple will no longer appear together. Besides, the mother of Moulay El Hasan and Lalla Khadija is fully present. Regret or not, Mohammed VI had lost his luster for four years.

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His last public appearance was on Tuesday, December 20, when Sovereign acquired the Atlas Lions. The latter were returning from a grand expedition to the lands of Qatar. Morocco qualified for the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup. This is the first time an African team has reached the semi-finals of a World Cup. As for Ali Bongo, who is called a “sick zombie” by opponent Jean Pink, he wants to run for the new presidency. On 24 December, he was invested as a candidate by his party, PDG.

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