April 1, 2023

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Saudi Arabia and the Emirates Terrorist Finance Complaint, targeted by H24info

Victims of the war in Yemen filed a complaint Friday in France against Saudi Arabia and the heir apparent princes of the United Arab Emirates, particularly for financing terrorism, accusing the two countries of forming “alliances” with al-Qaeda. , According to their lawyer.

Our best allies and arms clients are in alliance with our worst adversaries who financed the January 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, says Me Joseph Breham in Paris.

The complaint was filed on behalf of the Yemeni charity “Legal Center for Rights and Development”, which is considered close to the Houthi rebels and based in Sanaa.

In this case, the Saudi authorities did not comply with the AFP’s demands. Upon further contact, the Emirati Authority made no immediate comment.

Saudi Arabia, an ally of the United States, has been intervening in Yemen since 2015 under the leadership of a pro-government military coalition against the Houthi rebels, politically backed by Iran, Washington’s rival and Riyadh’s regional rival.

The United Arab Emirates withdraws its troops from Yemen in 2019, but remains a member of the coalition.

Created in 2009, it is considered by the United States to be the most dangerous branch of the al-Qaeda (Aqba) jihadist network in the Arabian Peninsula. Took advantage of the chaos caused by the war and launched attacks against the Houthis and government forces.

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According to the complainants, the coalition would have paid the terrorist organization through the first Abu Dhabi bank “in exchange for withdrawing from the cities it controlled” and supported Abu al-Abbas, a member of the Aqba. Listed as a terrorist by the US Treasury Department since 2017 “.

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Mr Braham also accused Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan and the leaders of the two forces of “torture crimes” on behalf of the eight victims of the torture or coalition bombing. Missing Persons “,” War Crimes “and” Terrorist Crimes Association “.

For me, French justice was established to prosecute Saudi and Emirati leaders. Between 2011 and 2018, Charlie Hebdo was the Frenchman closest to the perpetrators of the massacre of journalists Peter Sheriff and, between 2011 and 2018, “certainly participated in the Association of Terrorists”, albeit not an active member of Aqba in Yemen.