March 30, 2023

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Saudi government allows schooling for children of irregular residents –

Children of irregular residents in Saudi Arabia will be able to attend schools in the new academic year, the Saudi Ministry of Education announced on Tuesday, Al Arabiya news channel cited.

Schools should provide enrollment forms to parents living illegally in the Wahhabi Kingdom and encourage them to contact the offices of the Ministry of Education in the region where they live.

Once the admission forms are approved, they have to submit to the concerned school authorities to continue the registration process for their children.

The Ministry of Education has directed its various departments to submit monthly statistical reports on the number of students enrolled in each school district to the General Administration of Assessment and Enrollment.

In order to enroll their children in school, parents who do not have sufficient documentation or are staying irregularly on Saudi soil must submit the child’s official identification documents and their own, passport, residence permit or similar. Tourist Entry Ticket. They should also provide their permanent address and contact details.

In addition, parents in an irregular administrative situation are required to regularize their accommodation during the school year by means of a document clearly stating this.

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