February 4, 2023

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Science. Researchers are synthesizing synthetic starches and microbial proteins from corn stalks

Chinese researchers have recently developed a high-throughput method to synthesize synthetic starch and microbial proteins from corn stalks. This method can reduce the production cost of synthetic starch and provide a new approach to food production.

Population growth and climate change pose major challenges to food security. Converting agricultural waste into synthetic food is an important way to alleviate food crisis and achieve sustainable agricultural development.

Researchers from the Biotechnology Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other Chinese institutions used a multi-enzyme molecular system and baker’s yeast to convert cellulose from corn stalks into synthetic starch, and produce microbial proteins through fermentation under anaerobic conditions.

The entire production process requires only a small investment in equipment, and requires no coenzyme or energy input, or sugar loss, thus offering the opportunity to produce synthetic starch and microbial protein at low cost. for study. The study is published in the journal Science Bulletin.

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