May 30, 2023

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Senegal: Opening ceremony of the 7th Dakar International Forum for Peace and Security in Africa

The work of the 7th Dakar International Forum on Peace and Security in Africa opened on Monday in Diamnio with the theme “Problems of Sustainability and Expression in Africa in the Post-Govt-19 World”.

The Dakar Forum, chaired by Senegalese President Maggie Sal, who will take over the leadership of the African Union next January, has become the annual meeting expected by leaders and international actors involved in the development and stability of the continent.

This 7th edition of the forum takes place in a specific context marked by the health crisis ordered by the Govt-19 epidemic and the new variant of the “Omicron” corona virus that has appeared in many countries, which has provoked many countries. International flights must be stopped.

The opening ceremony of the two-day forum, hosted by the Center for the Conference de Abdu Diof (CICAT) in Diamondio, was held in the presence of South African Presidents Cyril Ramaphosa, Nigerian Mohamed Bazum and Guinea’s President Senegal Maggie Sal. -Pisav Umaro Sisoko Embalo. It will be followed by a high-level committee.

Charles Michael, President of the Council of Europe, President of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki Mohamed, President of the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross), Peter Maurer and Director of the Institute’s Pastor at Amado’s Docker. France’s Minister of Armed Forces Florence Barley is represented there.

In total, about forty countries and several think tanks or voluntary organizations are represented in this 7th Dakar Forum.

The event, which transforms complete sessions, workshops and panels to meet the health and safety challenges facing Africa, brings together hundreds of decision-makers from across the continent for two days, including heads of state and government, ministers and internationally renowned experts. In politics, economics, education and allied fields.

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The forum is organized by the Senegalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Senegal, in association with the Scientific Center for Advanced Security and Security Studies (CHEDS) and in collaboration with Avisa Partners.

The program of this 7th forum includes several scientific activities and two lectures and six workshops organized in two volumes. The first block is devoted to the theme “Challenges of Post-Govt-19 Sustainability: Security Challenges and New Threats” and the second is entitled “Coordinating Peace and Security in Africa”.

It aims to contribute to the strengthening of peace and security in Africa by gaining a better understanding of the issues of stability and expression in the post-Govt-19 world. In this perspective, the seventh edition of the Dakar International Forum for Peace and Security in Africa will be an excellent moment to discuss key issues regarding Africa’s stability and origin in the post-epidemic world. Organizers say it is a restructuring of multilateral and security policies, strategic empowerment of African nations, enhancing civil-military integration, integration and coordination of cooperation mechanisms, and the fight against cybercrime and misinformation.

While co-ordinating the administration of its states for the benefit of peace, security and development, it will also provide an opportunity for Africa to better learn the lessons learned from the Covid-19 epidemic to better cope with the next major health shocks.