May 30, 2023

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Senegal: Representatives of the 14th Assembly will be installed on September 12

#Senegal : President Mackey Sall issued a decree setting a date for the installation of new representatives on September 12. A balanced legislature like Senegal has never known, with the distribution of seats not making life easier for the coalition that has been in power since 2012.

The presidential movement, which has only 82 representatives out of 165, has used its ties to Dakar’s former mayor, Pape Diop, to keep a parliamentary majority at bay. Another deputy that belies the entire calculation of the opposition party that was hoping to appease the former mayor. Be that as it may, the people of Senegal have made their desire for change heard, more demanding than ever.

President Macky Sall, who stumbled twice during the last local and legislative elections, still thinks he has a card to serve out the remainder of his mandate, which ends in March 2024. If his camp remains silent on his intentions after this deadline, within the opposition, we think Mackie Sall is a politically finished man.

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Indeed, even if the presidential movement takes away a majority from the National Assembly, the Constitution cannot be manipulated to grant a third term to the incumbent president. In reality, constitutional reforms in Senegal are only possible with two-thirds of the representatives in favor, i.e. 110 representatives, which is a challenge. Otherwise, considering the last votes, it is necessary to hold a constitutional referendum that Bennu Bok Yakar is certain to lose.