March 22, 2023

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Senegal Social Networks: The government warns against “verbal attacks” on religious communities

# General : Senegal’s Interior Minister Antoine Felix Abdoulaye Diome has lamented the “brutal verbal attacks” against communities, especially through social media, and warned that “the government will take all necessary action.”

“On social media, violent verbal attacks against religious communities are more common in our country,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement on Friday evening.

The statement said, “Religious freedom and practice are enshrined in our constitution,” and therefore “no one has the right to attack the beliefs of others.”

“Respect the religious beliefs of all our fellow citizens and adhere to the principles established by our nation,” the minister called.

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Moreover, he warns that the Senegalese government, on the one hand, will enforce the laws and regulations in force and, on the other hand, take all necessary measures to preserve the peace and harmony that has always ruled between our religious communities. ”, Underscores the text.

Recall that Assane Seck, the caliph of the Thiénaba area, the highest point of the Tidjane Brotherhood, recently launched a warning against verbal attacks among Muslim religious families through the voice of his spokesman, through social networks.

In a statement broadcast live on the local television channel Thiénaba TV, her spokeswoman Ngagne Demba Sarr pointed out that the demon Asane Czech recommends avoiding controversy on social networks because it destroys the close ties between ancestral woven religious families.

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Last May, during a handover ceremony for notebooks of grievances, state President Maggie Sal declared the regulation of the social media department an “emergency”.

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“We can not allow this to continue. What is happening in our country in this area is not possible,” he told SYNPICS. Cossey.

According to him, the government has already “begun to respond to the regulation of the social media sector and a text is almost ready”, promising to share it with media experts.