May 29, 2023

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Six months after the 2nd dose, the risk of death from the booster virus is reduced by 98% (study)

The vaccine booster improves immunization protection against booster death by approximately 98% for those over 2 months of age, according to the French Directorate for Research, Studies, Assessment and Statistics (TRIES).

The immunization protection provided by the vaccine after two dose injections for all ages is already high because it is 90 to 95%, according to a press release issued by Hexagon Media.

Protection against the virus decreases over time after receiving the complete vaccination schedule and drops to 80% six months after receiving the two-dose vaccine, the study shows.

According to statistics from November, non-vaccinated individuals are more likely to be represented by positive tests, but Trees points out that more than half (52%) of those admitted to the hospital, especially after being diagnosed with a positive PCR test, have not been vaccinated. 8 to 5 December.

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In France, the government has announced that it will tighten measures to combat the fifth lightning strike, but has reduced the booster dose from four months to four months.

Health Minister Olivier Véran announced on Saturday that vaccination of children between the ages of 5 and 11 would begin next Wednesday, with the third vaccine being mandatory, in parallel with strengthening the vaccine duty for caregivers and firefighters. January 30.

Covit-19 faced the rise of pollution and the rapid spread of the Omigran variant, which is expected to become “dominant” in France by early 2022, when the government announced the next change in the health pass. The vaccine is currently in place. The bill will be tabled in Parliament in January.

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The administrator also promised to tighten restrictions and restrictions on holders of fake health passes, as nearly six million French people have not yet been vaccinated.

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