March 30, 2023

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Some have cut the last wire connecting Algeria

Allies of the country’s traditional enemies cut the last part of the thread that connects them to Algeria – L DJ: Ally of the country’s “traditional” enemies cut the last part of the thread that connects them to Algeria.

The determination of the deserving sons of the Algerian nation cannot be shaken by historical and traditional enemies, and all who have “sold” their dignity and dignity in alliance with them have cut off “the last thread that binds them.” Algeria ”, confirmed the LDJ review in its last issue of the editorial.

“After the restoration of national sovereignty, the ANP realized yesterday and today’s enemies that the natural expansion of the ALN is motivated by the same values ​​and policies and, above all, national interests. Some voices are being raised to unite them and break the strong bond. ”

To this end, the editorial underscores that “this group of traitors and conspirators is trying to exploit the economic situation in Algeria to undermine the foundations of the nation-state with empty slogans with the intention of abusing national public opinion.”

“Fathers who return to the land of repentance by attacking the earth, deceiving the people, spreading rumors, spreading lies, selling their honor and dignity and selling their honor and dignity. The last wire connecting them to Algeria, ”the review warned.

“Moreover, their attacks, their obscenities and slanders do not respect them because they do not in any way affect the beliefs of honest men and the beliefs of honest women,” he said.

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Raising the tone, El Djeïch’s editorial reads, “Historical and traditional enemies cannot shake the determination of the deserving sons of the Algerian nation or cast doubt on their own, their civilization and their struggle. .

According to the military press, all of these “conspiracies” and “maneuvers” will, on the other hand, be wiped out from the country’s borders, “like the fate of many conspiracies, to bitter defeat.” It embodies the words of the Lieutenant General, the Chief of Staff of the ANP, on his agenda on the 67th anniversary of the outbreak of the revolution.

The lieutenant general of the military confirmed, recalling El Djeïch’s editorial, “Today the voices of some neo-colonialists provoke the sentiments of some extremists by justifying the heinous crimes of colonialism in our country. There was no Algerian nation before the occupation.” Based on the plans of others, with the intention of breaking the sacred link within. But their search will be disappointing, and as long as the Algerian people are proud of their glorious history and the civilized values ​​of their ancestors, our history and November will remain a thorn in their throat.

El Djeïch’s review also recalls the history of ALN’s birth, emphasizing that this army was born out of the “suffering” of the people and laid the “foundational structure” of the liberation revolution, in which the “epic” passed, eternity, November 1, 1954, believing in the correctness of reason. It was started by a group of young people and was continuously strengthened by a large number of members of the ranks of the Young Revolution, (…) ”.

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He also recalled that during the Blessed Revolution, the army was a “pioneer” carrying the hopes and aspirations of the nation. “She enjoyed full confidence in their realization, especially in the face of the oppressive occupier, who made the sacrifices rarely known in history, benefited from the faith and loyalty of the people, and accepted and strengthened it. Giving one of the most obvious images of unity.

Finally, El Djeïch’s editorial did not fail to call on faithful and faithful sons in memory of the heroic Souda and martyrs of national duty on the 67th anniversary of the November Eternal Revolution. Algeria “to preserve the purity of thought and justice of conduct accepted by the artisans of the November epic, to defend the principles of our eternal revolution that liberated Algeria yesterday, it will protect Algeria today and ensure it. The future is tomorrow”.