March 22, 2023

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SOS Méditerranée mourns the banning of its humanitarian ship Burlaman


Humanitarian NGO SOS Méditerranée condemned the new immobility of its ship on Tuesday, January 11 “Ocean Viking“Saddened by Italian authorities in a Sicilian port”Serious completenessஆய்வு In the study of this rescue boat at sea, the Italian Coast Guard describes the involuntary maneuvering of ships by humanitarian volunteers, which is unreasonable and politically motivated to bring aid to the diaspora seeking to reach Europe by sea.

We regret the serious attention taken during our ship’s tests. This is the sixth study conducted by Ocean Viking since it began its operations in the Mediterranean in August 2019.“The NGO said in a statement after a raid on the port of Trapani on Monday.During this study, it was realized that the structures added to the ship and the equipment needed for our rescue mission would have to be recorded differently in order to accommodate the survivors.», NGO explains.

Two and a half years after the device was installed at a professional shipyard and verified by all relevant regulatory bodies, the certification of the cargo of these structures is questionable.», Refers to SOS Méditerranée. Ocean Viking, which has saved 2,832 people since the beginning of 2021, was already immobilized by Italian authorities in July 2020. “Technical malpractices», According to Italian officials.

We will be consulting with our owner, maritime administrations and regulatory agencies to implement measures and administrative procedures that guarantee the speedy release of Ocean Viking in order to resume our life-saving work as early as possible on Wednesday., I promise. ⁇Auxiliary vessels such as the Ocean Viking, which fills the vacuum of European countries, are essential to prevent these shipwrecks.Fabianne Lassalle, deputy general manager of SOS Mediterranean France, was quoted in the press release as saying that more than 67,000 migrants arrived in Italy in 2021, mostly from North Africa, either temporarily or in largely congested boats.

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