March 30, 2023

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South Africa: Parliament is on fire

City fire spokeswoman Jermaine Carrolls told AFP the fire, which had been raging for two days in the South African parliament in Cape Town, was brought under control Tuesday morning.

On Monday afternoon, after calm, the fire started again and in the evening firefighters battled with strong winds in the port city. “The fire was extinguished by strong southeastern winds, but firefighters were able to contain it shortly before midnight” (2200 GMT), Carelse said.

On Tuesday morning, “before five o’clock” (3:00 GMT), “a small fire started again, but firefighters were able to extinguish it,” he added.

In the morning, four fire trucks were still on duty, and twenty firefighters “to follow the evolution of the situation throughout the day,” he added.

On Sunday, the wooden room with the leather chairs where the delegates would sit was completely demolished. In the most recent part of this huge building with three buildings built at different times, firefighters first had to retreat on Sunday in the face of the intensity of the fire, before extinguishing the flames at night, allowing it to appear later. Black, soaked corpse.

A 49-year-old man was arrested on Sunday in Parliament House for “theft and arson.” He is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

A fire broke out early Sunday morning in the oldest section of the impressive building, completely destroying its roof.

According to investigators, the fire broke out in two separate houses and the automatic shut-off system did not work properly as the water was turned off.

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Surveillance cameras showed the arrested person was there at around 2am. “But security officers did not see it until 6:00 am, and when they looked at the screens, they were alerted by smoke,” Public Works Minister Patricia de Lille told the AFP.

“The cameras worked. The problem is, no one checked them that bad night,” he told reporters. “This is part of the investigation.

Cape Town has been the seat of Parliament since 1910 when the government was in power in Pretoria.

The country of 59 million people has three capitals: the administration in Pretoria (north), the legislature in Cape Town (southwest) and the judiciary in Bloemfontein (center). Johannesburg, the business center, is its largest metropolitan area.