September 27, 2022

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Soxante ans après in vol spatial by John Glenn

Marrakech, 21 fivr. (Maroc-Actu) –

On the 20th of April, the 60th anniversary of NASA’s Rowsee Envoy was an astronaut on Lorbite de la Terre and for ramener sign et saufen 1962.

Au plus fort de la guerre froideJohn Glenn’s contact Russe Gagarine, premier tre humain à voyager in lspace and plas placer en Orbite autor de Terre, on 12 av 1961.

In 1958, John Glenn became a participant in a series of tests destinations to select the premier group of astronauts for the all-new program Spatial Habit at NASA. Check Candidate astronauts, with a group initialization of 508, the Riponder and sept exigences.

Ils devaient ôtre diplômés d’ne ékole de pilots d’essai, excellent excel physique, av moir moins de 40s, mesure moins de 1,80 m, destre pilots davion à reaction qualifications, avoir au moins 1 500 views vol and possess a diplime dinginieur. Glenn rempli toutes the conditions.

In the English language, transliteration is one of the most important pilots in the world.. In juillet 1957, he set a record of transit continental in Los Angeles, New York in 3 hours and 23 minutes. It’s the premier volcontinental à Attendees’ personal suite.

In avril 1959, John Glenn is selected to fire part of the premier group Dastronautes, the Mercury Seven. He is accompanied by Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, Gus Grissom, Wally Schirra, Alan Shepard and Deke Slayton.

Après trois ans dentntraînement, John Glenn s laest lancé dans l’espace on board the capsule Mercury «Friendship 7. Ill give you troisime Amricain in lspace and premier entre en orbite autor de la Terre, salon at NASA. The vol historic is on my face. Fin la fin pre sa premier orbite, un jet utilis pour orienter lattitude du vaisseau spatial s’est block, obligeant Glenn à abandon the system control automatic and il utilizer system vol vol electric manual.

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In 4 hours and 56 minutes, John Glenn travels around the globe, reaching 27,000 kilometers per hour.. The mission russie sist terminée an unmarrisage and a consortium in the Atlantic, à 1,200 kilometers au sud-est des Bermudes.

John Glenn is instantly insane. The President, John Kennedy, is the author of the ‘Sponial Spotial of the Congregation’. Des écoles et des rues dans tout le pays ont baptisms in son nom. It’s a parade of serpentins in New York on a mission. The date is 8 December 2016.