May 30, 2023

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Spain: Arrests in Polisario separatist enclaves

see Hassan Benadot 02/01/2023 at 8:26 pm

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Kiosk360. Spanish police in Madrid arrested Polisario office officials on suspicion of using false Spanish and Moroccan documents to regularize illegal immigrants. This article is a press review excerpted from Al Ahdad Al Maghribiya newspaper.

In Spain, the National Police (Policia nacional) has launched an investigation and arrested several members of the Polisario office suspected of falsifying the regularization documents of illegal immigrants, according to Spanish media. Daily Al Ahdad Al Maghribiya In its edition on Tuesday, December 3, the respondents took advantage of their position as representatives of this toy company to engage in this traffic. The same sources indicated that after noticing the circulation of suspicious documents, the Crime Squad was keeping an eye on them and following the movements of some officials of this office.

Also, some of those arrested obtained forged documents in exchange for payments to two officials of the Polisario office. According to Spanish media, the defendants were arrested while others were called in for questioning by investigators. Their offices were taken over by the police, who seized many of the equipment and documents used to draw residence permits and the documents required to obtain them.

Daily Al Ahdad Al Maghribiya Videos published by social networks claim to show elements of the Spanish National Police raiding the Polisario office in Madrid and taking some of its employees to the police station. According to the first elements of the investigation, it turns out that several networks were involved in this operation and that some documents bearing the titles of companies and administrations in the southern provinces were used in this traffic.

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It is not excluded that the Moroccan authorities intervene in this investigation and prosecute those who fraudulently used documents bearing the kingdom’s emblem. Information confirmed by the media revealed that Spanish and Moroccan documents intended to access the Schengen area had been falsified.

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