March 22, 2023

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“Spain should have better relations with Morocco”

Asked about Spain’s change of position in the Sahara last March, which ended a crisis with Morocco and opened another with Algeria, Aranja González Laya asked Spanish officials to “maintain better relations with Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania in a disastrous situation.” .

“I personally have always worked to resolve conflicts like Western Sahara within the framework of international law and under the United Nations. In this situation, only the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General can help the parties to find a permanent solution to the conflict,” he said. Newspaper.

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Laya stressed the urgency of working for peace in the Sahel, a region “burning on all sides”. “We need to help each other from a much broader perspective, not just security, but economic development, the fight against terrorism, climate change, etc. It has to be very elegant,” she said.

The former foreign minister also addressed the challenges of Spain’s rotating presidency starting next year. During this mandate, Spain must “strengthen the European Union […] Joint investment with third countries”, and because of its geographical location, “focus more on Africa”, he observed.

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