May 30, 2023

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“States Only Invited” to US-Africa Summit – mafrique

Regarding the US-Africa summit, it was announced in the Congo daily that US President Joe Biden will organize it in Washington from December 13 to 15 last July. Aces forum That said on Monday “Invitation to states only” At this summit.

The newspaper underlined in an article about the next USA-Africa summit in Washington, its editor signed Jose NAWEJ. “*US does not recognize false states such as “dummy states”, self-proclaimed republics” By Polisario separatists.

“Only states are invited to the US-Africa Summit. So get out of the SADR and its ersatz called the Polisario, branded a ”fake state”. A separatist movement based in Algeria, its representation is questionable.The newspaper says, “Further”He says, “Moroccans living in the southern provinces have learned to freely and properly elect their representatives at all levels of political power, especially thanks to the constitution of July 2011”.

“The Polisario or what is left of it is nothing more than wheeler-dealers, mafia-criminals, diverting international aid and drug traffickers, maintaining dangerous links with local affiliates of terrorist organizations”He writes a publication mentioning that“By remaining desensitized to the sirens of the Polisario’s sponsor states, Washington maintains its international legitimacy. The separatist movement does not meet any of the criteria to claim statehood. However, Washington’s most populous states concern ».

“Additionally, the United States wants to be clear by recognizing Morocco’s full and absolute sovereignty over the Sahara. Its southern Moroccan provinces of Laayoune and Dakhla continue to open embassies to African, Arab, and Latin American and Central American countries.Kinshasa newspaper notes.

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And add to it“In this regard, the American position, marked by respect for international legitimacy and the principle of realism, should be a matter of conscience for any country or group of countries that invites (ent) rather than avoiding a proper non-state to the summits.”.

Aces forum In this context, he writes that“In particular, the African Union must finally undertake to resolve the serious responsibilities of the OAU years, in particular, this confiscation, which saw the Pan-African organization gain independence with its own charter, admitting an organization that has nothing to do with it. Status ! ».