April 1, 2023

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Stick to the road map established by the Moroccan Security Council

Bur Thaib Decker *

Stephen de Mistura, the United Nations Secretary-General’s personal envoy on the question of the Moroccan Sahara, appointed at the ceremony last October, begins his first tour of the region on Wednesday, which will guide him, and then. Rabat, first level, in refugee camps in Algiers, then in Tintof (Algeria) and Mauritania.

At the end of last November, the day after the Security Council adopted Resolution 2602, this task intervened, establishing a blueprint for resolving the question of the Moroccan Sahara, including the resumption of the design of the round tables. Presence of all parties in Morocco, Algeria, Policario and Mauritania. The second purpose of this road map is to search for a political solution to the controversy through these roundtables. The self-determination referendum system, previously sought by residents of the Algiers and Tintof camps, has been systematically dropped and destroyed from the Security Council’s dictionary since 2007. In fact, there was the Kingdom of Morocco. On that date, it proposed broad autonomy for the southern provinces of Morocco within the framework of Moroccan sovereignty, a proposal favored by members of the Security Council and the international community, with its latest country, these days- here, Germany.

Autonomy is a civilized form of self-determination practiced in democracies, especially in Spain, and its status, always opaque, surprises the Kingdom of Morocco, especially since Spain has since signed the Madrid Accords. Southern provinces to Morocco after Darbaya and CD Ifni. Spain continues to maintain ambiguity on this issue, instead of recognizing the sovereignty, autonomy and autonomy of the Kingdom over its Sahara as the most realistic and objective result of this conflict. Unlike France and Germany, Spain continues to follow the consensus reached at the Security Council level when Resolution 2602 was passed in November 2021. Spain’s role in this fifty – year – old’s solution would have been decisive, effective, logical and realistic. If the United States, along with France and Germany, had supported Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara, it would have been the real result of the conflict created by dictator Boumediene in a context of the desire for autonomy retained by the Security Council and the will for Cold War and leadership. In order to be in agreement and in agreement with the 1975 (Madrid Agreement) Spain must first recognize the sovereignty of the Kingdom over its Sahara.

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The Security Council, in its latest resolution, sets out the criteria for resolving this dispute, which has caused serious damage to Maghreb due to the stubbornness of the military regime in power in Algeria. The proposal for Moroccan autonomy, which is part of Morocco’s “serious and credible” efforts, is the only solution formula in the main menu of future round tables. The boycott of these roundtables will undoubtedly be a serious obstacle to the desire for peace expressed by the latest resolution of the Security Council.

* Journalist and writer