April 1, 2023

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Sudan: 31 killed in tribal clashes on Ethiopia border

#In other countries Clashes between two tribes this week in the Sudanese state of Blue Nile, bordering Ethiopia, have left 31 people dead, according to a new report by local authorities on Saturday.

According to the report of the security services of this state «39 people were injured and 16 shops were burnt» Monday through Friday during this conflict — with guns, according to witnesses — for land.

On Friday evening, Governor Ahmad al-Omta issued a banning order after troops were sent to intervene. «Any assembly or procession» for a month. An additional curfew was imposed on Saturday night.

Due to these clashes between the Hausa and Bharti tribes in Kisan district, hospitals in the area have appealed for blood donations.

A senior Hausa official told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity, that the violence erupted because of his clan’s demands. «Creation of a local civil authority to oversee access to land denied by parties».

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On the Bharti side, a senior official, who declined to be named, said his clan responded. «Encroachment on lands of parties» By the Hausa. «These lands are ours, so if a local government is to be formed, it will be by Partis and not Hausa.»He is the hammer.

The Qissan region, and Blue Nile state in general, has been plagued by an insurgency since 1986. Southern guerrillas have long been a thorn in the side of Omar el-Bashir’s dictatorship, which was ousted by the military under pressure from the streets. In 2019.

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According to experts, the security vacuum created by the coup has favored a resurgence of tribal violence in a country where hundreds of civilians die each year in clashes between herders and farmers over access to water or land.