March 30, 2023

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Sudan is still on the grill: Hamdok cabinet ministers resign

A. to the military junta. Twelve Sudanese ministers saw fit to go head-to-head against the new agreement made between Hamdock. We head the list of insurgents, and the ministers of foreign affairs, justice, education, agriculture or energy are all protesting against this alliance with a military conspiracy. Al-Badih Hasabo, a member of the civil society movement Change Now, welcomed the message: “The message sent to Abdullah Hamdok is very clear; Can’t accept what he did. “
“His former cabinet members could not be accepted, they all resigned,” A. Hasabo said.
He signed the agreement alone with the military without consulting anyone, ”the Change Now activist pointed out. “Everyone who took part in this revolution was against this agreement. From the beginning, I think the soldiers wanted to remove the civilians of this government and replace them with people they would take over. Seeing opposition from the streets, the international community and the African Union, they had to step back and pressure Abdullah Hamdok to sign a deal with them. They did it because they failed, ”the activist concludes.
Note that even after the agreement was torn from the Sudanese governing council, the ministers of the former Hamdok cabinet were still imprisoned.

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