May 30, 2023

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Sudan: Signing of transition agreement postponed

The signing of the transition agreement in Sudan, scheduled for Thursday, has been postponed due to the restart.
The Forces for Freedom and Change (FLC) bloc said in a statement that the inter-military talks (…) on April 1 and 6.

The same source said the signing of a framework agreement to consolidate the military establishment and form a civilian government, which had already been postponed last week, would not take place as planned on Thursday until after the election.

“The signing has been postponed as the army (…) is renegotiated on April 1 and 6”, the text notes.

“Negotiations have progressed on several points, but one last question still needs to be concluded”, he continued, according to experts, the means of integrating the paramilitary forces of the Fast Support Forces (FSR) with regular troops.

The agreement was finalized and submitted to the Joint Political Mechanism by an 11-member joint committee including representatives of the military, opposition and paramilitary.
It involves all parties with the intention of discussing and agreeing to reach a signature.


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